When you devote your life to a craft, it’s not about making money. It’s about creating and delivering the absolute best every time. It’s about a reputation for excellence. You can be sure your product will be crafted to the highest standard and shipped only when we achieve perfection. 


All our genuine leather bags are made of full-grain leather.We use a 100% natural process to age and color the leather and100% brass hardware for the zippers, buckles, and belts. We maycompromise on sleep and life, but we’ll never compromise on our materials.


Our craftsmen aren’t entry-level walk-ins off the street. They’re seasoned experts in leatherwork who share ideals of artistry in every stitch. Our 30 years of experience result in heirloom-quality bags you’ll want to pass down someday. 


Each Wester Leather Goods bag is designed by knowledgeable leatherworkers who understand how the material looks and moves. We base designs on vintage classics and current industry fashion trends, so you can always find a long-lasting style that suits your unique look. 

You’re guaranteed twice over.

Every product comes with a five-year guarantee on craftsmanship and materials. On top of that, you can return your item within 60 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked. We make fast and easy returns because we believe in customer satisfaction regardless of the context. 


Fast. Exceptional. Affordable.

Based in New York

Our headquarters is right here in Leather Central, USA. By shipping from the states, we avoid the cost of overseas shipping that is usually passed to the customer. Our local position makes it easy to offer no-hassle returns, warranties, and total customer satisfaction on every bag we make. 

20 Milrose Lane Monsey New York 109952

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